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Typography is, quite simply, the art and technique of arranging type. It's central to the skills of a designer and is about much more than making the words legible. Your choice of typeface and how you make it work with your layout, grid, colour scheme, design theme and so on will make the difference between a good, bad and great design. 

Erin Taylor Designs produces intelligently designed websites, marketed correctly, to give you instant visibility around the world. With custom design and artistic creativity, technical and programming, and marketing expertise, Erin Taylor Designs provides unrivaled solutions for websites across many industries.


Website Design

Print Designs

The most vital element of any advertising campaign is your image – what your customer sees in the first critical moments. Your print design is the tangible element to your company and should be a memorable, high-impact visual representation of what you offer. ETD firmly believes that hiring a professional to create your company logo design is about the smartest investment you can make as a business owner.